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Corporate Strategy

The overarching aim and ambition of the Corporate Strategy is to retain and increase the population of the Outer Hebrides. The Corporate Strategy 2022-2027   Ro-Innleachd Chorporra  was approved in October 2021 and reviewed in 2023 to ensure that it continues to state and communicate the ambition, aspirations and commitments of the Comhairle. The Corporate Strategy 2024-2027 was approved in December 2023. .

The Corporate Strategy sets the strategic direction of the Comhairle in each council term. The Strategy is reviewed periodically to ensure it remains relevant to the strategic aims of the Comhairle and takes cognisance of the internal and external environment impacting on service delivery. The Comhairle works together with partners to deliver its corporate strategy, which provides a framework and ensures that there is a golden thread that runs from the national priorities and the Local Outcome Improvement Plan into the Comhairle’s priorities.  These priorities themselves are delivered through the service business plans. 

The Strategy has four strategic priorities and there are five strategic outcomes under each of the priorities. Business plan actions are aligned to the outcomes and are supported by a range of measures that affect important life outcomes (KPIs). The data for the KPIs is extracted from Official and National Statistics publications, as well as Management Information publications and include measures that council services contribute to through service delivery and in partnership. The Corporate Strategy Annual Report 2023 was published on 20 September 2023.

Corporate Strategy Strategic Priorities

Service Business Plans and Progress Reports