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Rebecca McGuire

Rebecca McGuire
Rebecca McGuire

My name’s Rebecca McGuire and I have been working in the Home Care service for just over 2 years now. Before joining the Home Care team I hadn’t done any form of caring before other than for my own family. I can honestly say applying was the best decision I’ve made and I have never looked back. The application and interview process was a positive experience and the interview panel made me feel at ease.

I have gained confidence in myself and in supporting service users in my area. I have also gone on to cover other areas which was good for me as the experience helped me to gain more confidence and competence in my role. I am patient, empathetic and have a genuine passion for helping others and enabling them to be independent where this is possible. The job has a real feel-good factor.

The council offer flexible schedules to meet service users and staffing needs. You are never alone; I can have contact with the office or management whenever I need.

We have ongoing training that cover all aspects of care along with regular refresher courses.

The Council offer a competitive salary & pension scheme and there is also opportunity to work additional hours.

I would encourage anybody thinking of a change of career to apply for the home care service as it gives you the opportunity to train to SVQ level whilst working on the job, so a qualification is gained as part of the role.

The Home Care service makes a positive difference to people and the support we provide allows people to continue living in their own homes. We care for people with various health and care needs. Joining the team is the best decision I have ever made.