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Spaceport 1 – Airspace Change Proposal

Since 2021, work has been ongoing to secure a permanent change to the airspace in the vicinity of the proposed Spaceport 1 launch site at Scolpaig, North Uist.  The Airspace Change Process (ACP) is governed by the Civil Aviation Authority.  More information can be obtained via the Airspace Change portal.

The airspace change associated with Spaceport 1 (ID: ACP-2021-012) is considered necessary to protect other airspace users from any hazards created by rocket launch and to protect Spaceport 1’s ground personnel.  Although the aviation communities have been engaged throughout, the process is now at Stage 3 ‘Consult / Engage’, whereby a far wider audience is given the opportunity to provide input into shaping the final airspace design and operating principles. 

The Stage 3 consultation documents associated with the Spaceport 1 proposal will be published on the Airspace Change portal once the CAA has reviewed the submission at the end of January 2024.

A feedback questionnaire will be provided to capture stakeholder feedback and a drop-in event in North Uist is planned for those who wish to ask any face-to-face questions.  Further details of both will be circulated in due course.   

The Airspace Change Process is independent of Planning as both have distinctly different requirements and are regulated by different organisations.  It is recognised that a number of the stakeholders are the same for both processes, however, feedback, comments and/or concerns should focus only on the proposed airspace change. 

Certain documents and evidence associated with the planning process are referred to in the Airspace Change submission, these include but are not limited to:

It is anticipated that the consultation period will commence in early February however, this is subject to the Civil Aviation Authority’s approval. Dates will be advertised in due course through several means including the CAA’s airspace change portal, ‘Citizen Space’, local press/media, social media and this website.