Employee Expenses and Allowances

Employee Expenses Rates

Travel Policy

All employees will claim expenses in accordance with the Policy on the Payment of Travelling Expenses and the Reimbursement of Expenditure. All employees will travel Second Class on Public Transport.

Mileage Rates: All Staff
Distance Rate
First 10,000 miles    56p
Over 10,000 miles 31p
Mileage Rates: Car Lease Rate (Existing Leases Only)
Distance Rate
Per mile 11.5p

Subsistence Rates (with effect from 10.02.09)

Details on the eligibility for meals expenses is at Paragraph 3.7 of the Policy on Payment of Travelling Expenses & the Reimbursement of Expenditure.

Receipted Expenses - Meals
Type Rate
Breakfast (receipted) £8.00 (maximum)
Lunch (receipted) £12.00 (maximum)
Dinner (receipted) £25.00 (maximum)

All expenditure, with the exception of Overnight Subsistence Accommodation with Family and Friends, is based on actual receipts up to the approved limits and meals provided as part of any event may not be claimed.  Up to £5 may be claimed for other miscellaneous expenditure (eg, tea, coffee, etc) but everything must be receipted.

Overnight (With effect from April 2016)
Type Rate
Accommodation with Friends & Family (unreceipted) £40.00
Hotel Rates, normally booked through internal travel bookers
Type Rate
Hotel in UK (receipted) £80.00 (maximum)
Hotel in London or overseas/designated conference (receipted) £101.00 (maximum)

As at April 2016

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