Enforcement Notices

The Council as Planning Authority can issue enforcement notices when unauthorised development has taken place,  including situations where an unauthorised change of use of land or buildings has occurred.

Where planning permission has been granted subject to planning conditions, enforcement action can be taken when conditions are breached. Enforcement action is also used in circumstances where there has been unauthorised advertisements displayed, where the appearance/condition of land is adversely affecting amenity, and when unauthorised works have been undertaken to a listed building.

For information explaining when these powers are exercised and for information on the types of Notices issued, please see the Planning Enforcement Charter page.

Where can I see the notices?

To comply with the Town and Country Planning (Scotland) Act 1997, each Scottish Planning Authority must keep a register of formal notices served for an indefinite period. The full Planning Enforcement Registers can be viewed at the address provided below during normal office hours.

The list below contains the planning enforcement and related notices served by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar for the last four years; only the notices that remain in force are included in the list.  Each year's notices are listed in the order they were issued, unless they are subsequent notices relating to an earlier enforcement case, in which case they will be registered under the last issue date. Any notices that are not shown on this list can be viewed at  the address provided below.

The full Planning Enforcement Registers can be viewed at the following address during normal office hours:

Development Department
Council Offices
Sandwick Road
Isle of Lewis

If you require any further information relating to the above, please Contact Us