Recycling & Waste Collections – Lewis & Harris Service Changes

The Comhairle is please to confirm that the planned service changes to Waste & Recycling Collections in Lewis & Harris will begin on Monday 29th May 2023 following the completed rollout of new recycling bins and the distribution of the service change information leaflet.

The changes to Household Recycling and Waste collection services in Lewis and Harris are being introduced to improve the quantity and quality of recycled materials collected, and to reduce the amount of waste going to landfill. These changes will ensure that the Comhairle is compliant with the Scottish Household Recycling Charter and Code of Practice, and help improve recycling rates, and allow us to play our part in reaching Scotland’s ambitious climate targets.

In order to facilitate a smooth transition to 3 weekly collections, we have tried to maintain collection days to remain the same as per the previous collection routes, wherever this has been possible. We have also taken this opportunity to review all our collection routes in Lewis and Harrs, and have made some minor changes to some routes in order to maximise the efficiency of the new services. These changes have been required to accommodate the new recycling collections being introduced in the areas which have not previously been in receipt of kerbside mixed recycling and glass collections.

All our collection routes and timetables can be found online. This information has also been included in a comprehensive advertisement in the current issue of the local Events Magazine, and a link to our webpages will also be advertised on the front page of the WeLoveStornoway website (Opens in a new window or downloads a file). This information has also been circulated to all elected members in Lewis and Harris for further distribution in their ward areas.

Due to the nature of such a large scale service change, some additional route changes may be necessary following the implementation of the new 3 weekly collections, in order to maximise capacity and service efficiency. In the event that additional route changes may be required, this will be publicised prior to any further changes being implemented.

Important Note

There will be a one off collection taking place for Mixed Recycling & Glass this Saturday, 27th May, in the following areas:

Manor - Macaulay Rd, Portrona Dr, Queensland Rd, Morrison Ave, Bain Sq, Macleod Rd, India St, Torquil Terr, Canada Cresc, Assaye Pl, Willowglen Rd, Perceval Rd, Cross St, Sand St, Bayhead St, Cromwell St, Esplanade Court / Sail Loft, Kenneth St, James St, Newton St, Seaview Terr, Millar Rd, Builnacraig St, Battery Park Rd, Seaforth Rd, Inaclete Rd, Olivers Brae, Macdonald Rd, Macmillan Brae, Maclean Terr, Memorial Ave, Grant Sq, Napier Hill, Braes Rd, Murdoch Pl

Goathill - Matheson Rd, Goathill Rd, Lister Pl, Fleming Pl, Doig Crescent, Columbia Pl, Barony Sq, Jamieson Dr, Berisay Pl, Kennedy Terr, Balmerino Dr, Westview Terr, Maclennan Pl, Goathill Crescent, Leverhulme Dr, Robertson Rd, Ripley Pl, Stag Rd, Mackenzie St, Plantation Rd, Rose St, McCallum Pl, Scotland St, Keith St, Mackay Court, New St, Lewis St, Garden Rd, Francis St, Church St, Gibson Gardens

North Lochs - Grimshader, Ranish, Crossbost, Leurbost, Macdonald Gardens, Cameron Terrace

There will also be a one off collection taking place for Non-Recyclable Waste on Saturday 3rd June in the following areas:

Melbost / Parkend / Plasterfield - Braighe Rd, Branahuie, Melbost, Parkend, Parkend Ind Est, Holm, Mackenzie Park, East Street, Stoneyfield, North Street, Sandwick, Lower Sandwick, Plasterfield, Ivor Hill, Redburn, Moss Park, Simon Rd, Constable Rd, Steinish

Tolsta / Gress - Tolsta, Gress

District - Ranish, Grimshader, Newvalley, Maryhill, Marybank, Macgregor Park, New Sheilings