e-Sgoil's Webinars

e-Sgoil's Study Support evening webinars are now in full swing, with a total of fifty different webinars running each week during term time. The number of youngsters registering continues to climb, with lots of people coming onboard just now at prelim time.

e-Sgoil currently has 3184 learners registered for a total of 12.7 thousand individual webinars. There's still plenty of room, though, because the webinars take place on Microsoft Teams through Glow, so large numbers can be accommodated on a call for some of the most popular subjects.

The Study Support webinar programme is funded as part of the National e-Learning Offer and is completely free for anyone in formal education in S4-S6 wishing to register. English, Maths, Sciences and Social Subjects are all represented in the timetable, as well as a range of Languages (including Gaelic for learners and fluent speakers), PE, a suite of Business Studies webinars, Music and Art and Design, to name but a few. Webinars cater for a range of levels from N4, through N5 and H to AH, with learners joining in from every local authority area in Scotland.

Participants are asked to evaluate their experience termly, and we're delighted to report that young people have just rated the 'overall quality of webinar experience' at 4.5 out of 5. Participants enjoy the sense of an online learning community, and the positive relationships that develop between learners and teachers as the year progresses. As one young person put it recently:

Great job on all the webinars. There is amazing consistency in the quality of the learning. The teachers are also very welcoming and inclusive.

Dr Simon Hall, Study Support lead and e-Sgoil Depute Head Teacher, says of the programme:

We are very lucky to have such a dedicated team of teachers delivering the Study Support webinars. The young people really appreciate the work that goes in to make the sessions as interactive and inclusive as possible, and it’s clear that they really enjoy them.

Each webinar Team also offers a 'Your Questions' channel, where youngsters can post questions about revision or their work through the week between webinar times. 'Your Questions' is monitored, and suggestions and tips are provided by specialist teaching staff.

To register for e-Sgoil Study Support Webinars, visit the e-Sgoil website (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) and fill in the registration Form. Please note that a Glow login is required. If your local authority doesn’t routinely use Glow, e-Sgoil can provide clear support for easy access. 

For further information please contact Dr Simon Hall  simon.hall@glow.orkneyschools.org.uk