Adult Support and Protection

Launch of Revised National Codes of Practice

This summer the Scottish Government published revised Codes of Practice for Adult Support and Protection. It aims to reflect the developments in policy, practice and legislation both in the overall context of adult support and protection and in day-to-day activity, since the original codes were published along with legislation in 2008. It will also help to support the care and protection of adults who may be at risk of harm.

The Outer Hebrides Adult Protection Committee wishes to raise awareness of the revised codes (available here: Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007: Code of Practice ( (») ) as well as reminding people that there remains a need to be united in protecting people from harm or abuse.

All adults at risk of harm have the right to be safe and protected and it’s everyone’s responsibility to look out for those who are vulnerable and report any concerns they might have, especially if they’re not able or feel able to report it themselves.

The Adult Support and Protection (Scotland) Act 2007 is designed to protect those adults who are unable to safeguard their own interests and are at risk of harm because they are affected by:

Adults (16 years and over) 

  • mental illness,
  • old age,
  • frailty or physical weakness,
  • physical or learning disability,
  • visual or hearing impairment.

Many vulnerable adults have to rely on others to help them with basic day-to-day living. Whilst the majority have excellent care provision, some are at risk of harm. This could be due to another person, or people, deliberately taking advantage of the adult. But it could also be the adult who is unintentionally putting themself at risk, simply because they don’t have the right level of support in place.

Harm can take the following forms:

  • financial
  • physical
  • psychological
  • sexual
  • neglect

How do I report concerns?

Should anyone see or hear things that worry them about an adult's welfare and safety, they should report any concerns by contacting the duty worker on 01851 822708, or for the Emergency Out of Hours Service contact Faire on 01851 701702. If anyone is worried about themselves or someone else who is at risk of harm and it’s an emergency, they should call the police on 999, or otherwise call 101.