Tasglann Creideimh: Protecting Our Spiritual Heritage

Tasglann nan Eilean is embarking on a new project with the Outer Hebrides Heritage Forum to identify materials connected to the spiritual heritage of the Western Isles.

The aim of the Tasglann Creideimh project is to identify and catalogue materials which are historically significant such as recordings, books, booklets, hymns and artefacts.  A survey is currently being circulated to find out what is held by organisations or individuals.

The project is in response to concern that important materials are being lost in house clear outs, with charity shops sometimes receiving large quantities of religious materials.

The survey will allow Tasglann nan Eilean to document material held by comainn eachdraidh, churches and individuals. Tasglann nan Eilean will collate this information to improve access for researchers and interested parties. Materials that are in danger of being lost will also be identified and steps taken to safeguard this material.

Please contact Tasglann nan Eilean at archives@cne-siar.gov.uk to request a survey form.