No Elections In Wards 1, 6 and 11 on 5th May

Voters in the uncontested wards of Ward 1 - Barraigh Agus Bhatarsaigh, Ward 6 - Sgìr’ Ùige agus Carlabhagh and Ward 11 - Sgìre an Rubha are reminded that no elections will be taking place on 5th May, unlike the other wards in the Western Isles.

In Barraigh agus Bhatarsaigh, Kenneth John Maclean has been elected. In Sgìr’ Ùige agus Carlabhagh Ranald Fraser has been elected. In both wards no other nominations were received and a by-election will be held for the remaining seat in each ward in the near future. New Poll Cards will be issued in advance of the by-election.

In Sgìre an Rubha, Norrie ‘Tomsh’ Macdonald and Finlay Stewart have been elected to the two seats.