Youngest Carer and Oldest Resident Receive First Dose of Vaccine at Trianaid

Pictured are Annie Marie Beaton (23) and Nessie Ferguson (89) who have both had the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. 

They are the oldest and the youngest in Trianaid to have the vaccine. 

Anna Marie works as a social care assistant whilst maintaining her studies training to be a primary school teacher. 

She said, ‘After a tough year, I am delighted to receive the first dose of the vaccine and be one step closer to normality’ 

Normality for Anna Marie would have included being a bridesmaid for her sister Gemma’s wedding last year which was cancelled. 

Gemma would have been marrying Nessie’s great nephew and both Anna Marie and Nessie were disappointed not to have a wedding to go to but hopefully the end result of the ongoing vaccination programme will allow them to resume planning and preparation. 

Anna Marie states that in her role she feels it’s her duty to protect those in her care and she feels encouraged that clients such as Nessie are protected and safer now that there is a vaccine. 

Of Nessie, Anna Marie said, ‘She is like the Granny I never had, I look forward to seeing her every day, I feel I’m doing my bit to ensure she’s being cared for in the safest way possible’ 

Nessie has a word of advice for those who are more wary of the vaccination, ‘I never felt a thing’ she says reassuringly and she encourages everyone who has been given the opportunity to take it.