Scotland Committed to #KeepThePromise

One year ago today Scotland committed to #KeepThePromise to its children and families, following conclusion of the Independent Care Review.


A Comhairle spokesperson said: “We are fortunate to have so many people working hard in incredibly difficult circumstances to make progress to #KeepThePromise, ensuring that the hope and optimism of a year ago has not waned.


To mark the occasion, we have asked that some of the people responsible for keeping the promise in the Western isles share with us their promises to children and families across the Western Isles.


Elaine Mackay, NHS WI Strategic Planning and Development Officer said, “We promise that all children and young people across the Western Isles will have access to high-quality mental health and wellbeing support where and when they need it.”


Anne Graham , Executive Head of Uist Primaries, said: “We promise to listen to and respect the views of all young children, to involve them and ensure that their voices are heard so that they feel valued, safe, included, and respected. 


Through sharing their experiences, thoughts, and feelings, we promise to support and nurture their involvement in decisions that matter to them.”


Graeme Miller, Children Services Manager said, “We promise that the children that we care for will be properly listened to and fully supported to participate in the decision-making that effects their lives.”


Tam Baillie, on behalf of the Child Protection Committee said:


"We promise to make sure that children and young people are at the centre of what we do, which includes listening to their views and experiences to improve services."


Christine Lapsley Speech and Language Therapy Manager/AHP Children’s Services Lead said,


“We promise to continue to shine a light on the needs of children and young people with Additional Support Needs so that they are included, involved and supported, as they journey from birth to adulthood.”


Tony Wade, Sports Facilities Services Manager said,


“We promise to give all children as wide a range of physical activity opportunities as possible and to develop and support their sporting potential.”


David Gibson, Chief Social Work Officer said,


The commitment shown by the staff of the Comhairle and NHS Western Isles is evident in the personal promises they have set out. We absolutely promise to ensure children and young people are supported to participate in planning their own lives and overcoming any barriers which exist. All will be supported to the best of our abilities to have the opportunity to realise their full potential.


We promise to talk directly to children and young people to develop the system of support, to involve them in the strategic direction of the Comhairle. We promise to continue striving to ensure the unique nature of island life is taken into consideration in national developments and policy. Ensuring the geographical challenges of the Hebrides are not a barrier and that cultural and linguistic diversity is celebrated.