BiFab Acquisition by InfraStrata plc

The Comhairle strategy during the administration process was to seek an outcome that delivered year-round economic activity with long term sustainable employment and where the anchor tenant has freedom to market Arnish Yard as a distinct facility and primary location for its operations.  It is too early to judge whether the acquisition by InfraStrata plc delivers on these aspirations.

Cllr Donald Crichton, Chairman of Sustainable Development said, “It is essential that history does not repeat itself and that any new leaseholder has a robust, costed and sustainable business plan. We will be writing to the company to seek early engagement and reassurances around their strategy for the next period and to get an understanding of the proposals which they have outlined.

“It appears at this stage, that Infrastrata will have a license to occupy Arnish and that during the license period, they will seek to negotiate terms of a new lease with the landlords, Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).  HIE should be clear that they will only grant a lease if InfraStrata can evidence a robust business plan that demonstrates that there will be year-round economic activity with long term sustainable employment at Arnish. We will be seeking engagement with HIE to see if we can develop a collective position around the headlines of that lease”.