Calmac Ferry Service Puts Island Communities at Disadvantage

A technical issue has prevented the Stornoway to Ullapool ferry service from sailing today, the freight run has also been cancelled. The Loch Seaforth is currently in Ullapool awaiting repairs. This is the latest of a number of issues which have affected the service and therefore prevented island businesses from essential travel.

The Comhairle is asking all prospective parliamentary candidates to outline their plans for improvements  in the ferry services to these islands along with the request last week to commit to reinstating the TRS ferry discounts which other islands continue to enjoy.

Chair of Transportation and Infrastructure, Cllr Uisdean Robertson said,

“The failure of Calmac to provide an adequate ferry service to our islands is continuing to put our communities at a disadvantage. This is unacceptable and not enough has been done to address the problem. The poor service and inadequate ferry provision has seriously affected our islands over the last few months particularly in Barra and South Uist where the service has been unacceptable.

 Today many island businesses have been negatively affected and been asked to travel to Tarbert to make their way to Skye. It seems only fair that Calmac compensate these companies for the additional costs that they no choice but to pay as a result of this service problem.”