Community Conversations Survey

CNES is asking individuals and organisations to answer 4 questions as part of its ongoing community engagement on budgetary and service issues.

The Comhairle is looking to find savings of £6.6m over the next two years and has been engaging with communities in the Western Isles through an online survey and virtual community conversations across the Islands.

The questions included in the latest survey are as follows:

  1. What other areas do you think we should look at to either improve efficiency or cut services?
  2. How could public sector organisations work together to make efficiencies?
  3. In what ways could the Comhairle work with others to promote the procurement of local goods and services?
  4. In what ways could local areas work together to reduce demand on public services or provide them more efficiently?

The questions are a further means of ascertaining views. Community Conversations Survey (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)  

The Comhairle is holding a seminar for Members on 21st October so responses would be appreciated by Tuesday 20th October to allow for feedback to the seminar.

Comhairle Leader Roddie Mackay said: “I would encourage as many people as possible to complete the survey. The process of finding £6.6 million of savings is not an easy task, it is vital that the Comhairle works with the community to find a budgetary solution. However to be clear, we have to cut costs and there are hard decisions to be taken.

“All views submitted in the survey will be carefully considered and will form an important part of the budgetary and service decision making processes.”