Comhairle Approves Transport Strategy

The Comhairle has recently approved its Local Transport Strategy 2020-2030, its first since 2000. The Outer Hebrides Local Transport Strategy is currently on the Comhairle’s website for a period of public consultation until the end of October 2020. 

Comments on the strategy can be sent to Anne Murray at

Cllr Uisdean Robertson, Chair of the Comhairle’s Transportation and Infrastructure Committee,  thanked consultant Naomi Bremner and HITRANS for their assistance in developing the strategy and stated that “this is a comprehensive piece of work which encapsulates and sets out the Comhairle's transport priorities and aspirations for the next ten years. Clearly, there are objectives within it that the Comhairle and partners can do at their own hand and there are those that can only happen with the support of UK and Scottish Government. Transport, as an economic driver, features highly in the National Islands Plan and while external funding is always a challenge, particularly in the current financial climate, it is hoped that the forthcoming Shared Prosperity Fund can have some significant impact in maintaining and developing the islands’ transportation infrastructure”.