CNES Trading Standards Remind Residents to be Vigilant

CNES Trading Standards are reminding residents in the Western Isles to be on the look out for both telephone and internet scams.

Nationally, since the lockdown, criminals have been exploiting the public's increased reliance on technology, and unfortunately the Western Isles have not escaped this trend.

Recent scams reported locally include HMRC, TV licencing, DVLA, Amazon, broadband and banking scams.

In a recent complaint, a resident was telephoned by their internet provider. The caller asked if they had been experiencing slow broadband speeds, the call was then transferred through to a "technician".

After around 40 minutes of going through various tests on the laptop, the complainant was told that they were entitled to just under £500 in compensation for slow internet. The resident was then asked for banking details in order to process their refund.

At this stage the complainant realised this was a scam and finished the call.

Several minutes later the laptop screen came back on with a live picture of the residents home interior.

The "Technician" had gained remote access to the laptop whilst pretending to be checking the broadband speeds.

Trading Standards advise that you should not engage with such calls, especially if you are asked to input any details onto your laptop.

All of these scams are devised to get personal details including passwords and bank accounts.

If you think you may have given payment details to a scammer, you should contact your bank. Scams can be reported to Trading Standards on 01851 822694.