Child Protection Support Remains on Hand

The Outer Hebrides Child Protection Committee has released a poster to remind anyone with concerns that services are on hand to support vulnerable children during the COVID-19 crisis.

Tam Baillie chair of the Child Protection Committee said:

"The well-being and protection of children and young people has remained a top priority for services in the Western Isles. Whilst families have coped amazingly well with lockdown restrictions, all have felt the impact to varying degrees. We know that for many families the pressures will have intensified and they need additional support.

Our message to the community is do not hesitate to flag up any concerns about children and young people because, despite the restrictions, we are geared up to respond. We mean it when we say, Stay safe, Stay in touch."

Chief Social Worker for the Western Isles David Gibson said:

“Social Work and Children’s Services staff have been working throughout this period of ‘lockdown’ supporting families and protecting children. We welcome the Stay Safe, Stay In Touch message from the Outer Hebrides Child Protection Committee and urge children, families, neighbours and communities to do exactly that.

Social Work and Children’s Services will continue to be available, along with multi-agency partners in Police Scotland, NHS Western Isles, the Scottish Children’s Reporters Administration and the third sector. We encourage everyone in our communities to stay safe and to stay in touch as we work together to support and protect our children and young people.”

During the COVID-19 restrictions, if you have a concern about a child, please contact-

Social Work Stornoway: 01851 822749 | Balivanich : 01870 604880 Barra : 01871 810431 | Out of Hours: 01851 701702 | Police: 101