Key Worker Registration for Education Provision

The Comhairle would like to thank parents and employers who supported us in following the guidance issued over the weekend about key workers self-identifying at schools today. We now have a good understanding of the likely demand that provisions will see.

In light of the decisions taken tonight (23.03.20) by both Governments, the Comhairle would wish to confirm that support remains in place, in nurseries, Primary and Secondary schools, for the children of all Key Workers.

Key Worker Registration

To help us to better shape the provision being made for key workers, we are introducing an online registration system for attendees from Wednesday 25th March 2020 and it is open now. 

Each registration will be screened and a confirmation issued to parents if their children are eligible to attend school from Wednesday onwards.

Key Worker Registration Form (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) 

  • Registration is open now for Wednesday onwards but we ask that key workers continue to self-identify on Tuesday morning.
  • We ask that employers work with their employees to identify their key workers, as per the definitions issued by Scottish Government and then ask staff to complete this registration form. Who is a Key Worker?
  • Any employee completing the form MUST have had confirmation from their employer that they are considered a key worker.
  • Parents are asked to complete the form themselves for their children once their employer has agreed their status.
  • If both parents are key workers, both will need to submit an application
  • The service can only be used by key workers who have NO OTHER CHILDCARE AVAILABLE.
  • You only need to complete the form once to access provision.
  • Registration closes to new applicants at midnight daily to allow attendance from the next day.
  • From Wednesday 25th March, pupils will only be able to attend if a registration form has been received and approved.
  • Any parents without internet access to complete the registration should seek the support of their employer to do so in the first instance.
  • The Comhairle will share registration information with employers for verification purposes.