Further Update on Education Provision for Key Workers

Following a further announcement by Scottish Government today, Sunday 22nd March, S4-6 pupils SHOULD NOT ATTEND to complete course work as previously intimated. Schools will work with students to complete any outstanding coursework remotely, where possible.  For the avoidance of doubt - prelims will not take place.

The Comhairle wishes to reiterate the following guidance in relation to all those who are able to attend Comhairle schools tomorrow:

  • The children of key workers where there is NO ALTERNATIVE PROVISION
  • Pre-identified vulnerable children

In relation to provision from Monday, please note that:

  • Provision is strictly for the children of Key Workers only: See Press Release from 22/03/20
  • Key workers can self-identify and on Monday their children can attend at their regular school.
  • A Key Worker registration system is being put in place in partnership with employers.
  • Pupils attending can access normal school transport
  • Schools will follow normal hours but content of learning will be different
  • Attendance is not compulsory for any student
  • For those pupils who remain at home, educational content and learning will be available
  • We encourage all young people to maintain daily study, exercise and activity programmes while observing key Public Health messages regarding safe behaviour, practices and social distancing
  • Parents can post questions on the Director’s Blog or via Comhairle social media channels
  • The Comhairle will continue to work during the period of closure to share daily tips for engaging young people and families in terms of education, cooking, housework/DIY, fitness, Gaelic, mental health and other examples.
  • We are planning other online activities such as Ceilidhs in the coming days and will share details soon.

Bernard Chisholm, Director of Education, Skills and Children’s Services, said: “Our teachers have our full trust and confidence in their key role in supporting frontline staff by providing this support service. It is important we all recognise that our teaching resource is limited and I would ask people to be patient and to work with us to ensure that only those who need to come to school do so.

“Clearly, this is a fluid situation and as updates come in we are committed to ensuring we share that information at the earliest possible opportunity through our various communication channels.”

We have collated below, the key sources of information available to you: