Virtual Sports Week at Laxdale

This week Laxdale Primary School organised a virtual Sports Week for their pupils with the finale taking place today. School staff came up with the idea to try and make up for the children missing out on the Sports Week they would normally have due to Lockdown Restrictions.

The Comhairle would like to thank all the school staff across the Western Isles who are going the extra mile to keep children engaged and entertained during Lockdown.

Laxdale Primary School Teacher Lorraine Morrison said,

“We as a school were so aware that the children have been working hard at laptops and missing out on so much of our planned sporting activities scheduled this term. We always have a Sports Week so as a staff Stephen Campbell, Kaye Anne Afrin and I were tasked with devising a 'Virtual Sports Week' for the whole school.

In keeping with our ethos of a growth mindset, our emphasis was on individuals doing their best and trying to better themselves and learn new skills. We coined the slogan - Never give up, be your best, you’re a champion! It is also in Gaelic. We devised challenges based on the Active Schools model but we added extra activities and devoted a day to each theme.

We have encouraged lots of photos and videos to be shared of participation and it has been lovely to see them all making such an effort. The creative elements and activities have ranged from making podiums, medals, race numbers to flags and it is hoped to have them all on display together on the Friday when the children will hold their very own sports day, selecting 2 challenges from each previous day and trying them again and finishing with an awards ceremony. Please visit the pages to see the efforts the pupils have made. “

You can find more information on Laxdale School Facebook page (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) or the Laxdale School Web Site (Opens in a new window or downloads a file)