Integrated Social Care Manager Post for Barra

As part of the wider Health and Social Care integration plan, the Health and Social Care Partnership is pleased to announce the establishment of an Integrated Social Care Manager post for Barra.

Peigi Maclean, Day Services Manager, will assume the role of Integrated Social Care Manager post for an initial period of 12 months. Peigi has a great deal of experience working in the social care profession, within both statutory services and the third sector. Peigi is also an active member of the Gàradh a Bhàgh a Tuath and has led on the Gàradh Hub development in the Northbay area with the new development of an integrated multi use community building.

Peigi will manage Home Care, Day Care and Residential Services and will be supported in this role by an Oversight Team, a team consisting of senior managers from across all three Social Care services, with added input from a senior manager from Health. Having a more integrated service will provide a more positive experience for service users and staff alike. Service users should experience more seamless transitions across social care services and staff will have opportunities to develop their skills and work across the three services to where the need is greatest. Having an integrated service provides greater resilience to each of the services in terms of staffing and other resources.   

Over the next 12 months, the Oversight Team will regularly and sensitively monitor what is working well, listen to the experiences of service users and their families and explore what is working well and what areas we need to improve further on. These experiences will be carried forward to the wider Health and Social Care integration plan.

Workforce planning continues to be a priority for the Health and Social Care Partnership, and we will look at what opportunities having an integrated social care model provides for initiatives such as further developing our commitment to social care apprenticeships.