Education Live Q+A – Friday 7th June

On Friday 7th August at 12pm, Education, Skills and Children’s Services staff will hold a live stream discussion forum for pupils, parents, staff and members of the wider community.

The stream will be broadcast on the Comhairle’s Facebook page and on the e-Sgoil website. Viewers will be able to submit questions in advance by private messaging the Comhairle Facebook page or commenting on the live feed during the livestream.

The focus of discussion will be the measures that the Comhairle, with assistance from a range of partner organisations, is taking to prepare for the safe return of employees and pupils across the Western Isles over the coming weeks.

The live stream will be chaired by Colin George Morrison, Media Co-ordinator, and will feature a panel – some of whom will be connecting remotely – including the Director of Education, Skills & Children’s Services Bernard Chisolm, alongside service officers and headteachers.