Covid-19 Education response from national education providers

Recognising that parents, carers, learners, and of course their teachers and educators, are in need of support, practical ideas and opportunities in these challenging times, three national education providers in Scotland have come together to provide a varied and fast developing education offer. 

Using the tried and tested e-Sgoil platform and delivered by experienced teachers and educators, a timetabled set of classes will be available from 4 May, gradually increasing over the weeks ahead. The lessons will be provided by Keep Scotland Beautiful, the national environmental agency, SCILT, the National Languages Centre, and e-Sgoil. 

There will be live interactive teaching for learners as well as professional development opportunities for teachers. All of the lessons have been adapted over the last few weeks for a learning at home basis; some are existing and well known areas of the curriculum, and others are launching for the first time. 

The offer will be gradually built up from Monday 4 May onwards and expanded over the weeks ahead. Details of how the classes can be accessed (») (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) 

In commenting on the rapid progress of this unique development the main partners said 

Fhiona Mackay of SCILT, said: "As life for our youngsters has narrowed to the confines of their own homes, let's bring the world to them through an innovative and exciting programme of language learning. Whether developing their existing language skills or exploring a new language and culture that they haven't encountered in school, this partnership will support children young people and their families with rich, meaningful learning that will complement what is being offered by their schools and class teachers." 

Daniel Barrie of KSB, said: “Keep Scotland Beautiful is pleased to be working with e-Sgoil and the other national partners during the global pandemic. We will be bringing environmental education into the home and offering a range of activities based on existing school based programmes especially adapted for home learning. The activities will be fun, practical, and suitable for families to do together. From growing a pop up pocket garden to developing an eco plan for your home, to taking part in our accredited climate ready classroom programme, or becoming a budding young reporter on a key issue, our activity based programme will help all youngsters become involved in positive actions on climate change and other environmental matters.”

Angus Maclennan headteacher of e-Sgoil, said: "e-Sgoil is a national resource based in the Western Isles which, for the last 4 years, has delivered education across Scotland and beyond. The partnership in this project includes teachers locally as well as from schools in The Northern Alliance who'll add to the opportunities during the weeks ahead." 

Link to Term 4 Brochure and Enrolment Forms (»)