Comhairle Calls for Extension of Removal of APD

Comhairle nan Eilean Siar’s Chairman of Transportation and Infrastructure Committee has called for the extension of the removal of Air Passenger Duty (APD) from flights to the islands. There is currently an exemption for flights from the islands to the mainland.

Cllr Uisdean Robertson, said: “With the Scottish Government deciding against the removal of APD in favour of a more environmentally friendly air services policy, I would urge the Government to consider extending the APD for flights to the islands. It has been shown that it is more environmentally friendly for passengers to use air services to the islands. Based on a car with two passengers from Glasgow to Ullapool and then ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway the emissions are above those for a passenger at average load factor on a direct flight from Glasgow to Stornoway.

“This would provide an economic boost for business in the islands, particularly in the tourism sector and would also ease the pressure on already overburdened ferry services.

“We would urge the Government to act to remove APD from flights to the islands – just as those outgoing are already exempt.”