Transfer of Our Power Customers to Utilita

Hebrides Energy is continuing to seek to ensure that customers are on the best possible deal for them following the transfer of Our Power customers, including those who had signed up to Hebrides Energy tariffs, to Utilita.

A spokesperson for the Hebrides Energy commented: “The agreement between Hebrides Energy and Our Power was automatically terminated once that company went into administration, and there is no intention to enter into a new partnership with Utilita.   However, although we have no ongoing role, we are working closely with Utilita to try to ensure that customers get clarity on their deals.  Through TIG, we hope that local customers are able to have all the information they need on the best deals available to them.”

All customers on prepayment and standard meters should by now have received a Welcome Pack from Utilita outlining the tariff they have been placed on. It would be advisable to review if that is the best possible deal for you as a household, bearing in mind that energy prices look set to increase across the market.   You can do this via the TIG Switch platform 

Customers are also assured that it is not compulsory to switch to a smart meter, although it is recognised that there are particular benefits in doing so.

Through contact with Utilita and feedback from local customers, we are aware that there have been some issues with the transfer of customer information.  In particular, some customers on Total Heat Total Control type meters have incorrectly received Welcome Packs stating that they have been placed on a Smart Energy tariff.  Customers on Total Heat Total Control have been kept on the Our Power price point since the transfer to Utilita.  Utilita is developing a new tariff for THTC customers, which will be communicated to local customers during week commencing 25th March.  Therefore, these customers are still to receive their Welcome Packs. Once this is received, it will enable a comparison with what is currently available from the other two providers for this meter type – SSE and Scottish Power. 

Where possible, any queries regarding individual accounts should be directed directly to Utilita, using the account number quoted in correspondence from the company.  However if you need more assistance and advice, you can contact Tighean Innse Gall on 01851 706121 or