Nicolson Pupils Return to Sgoil an Rubha

Three Nicolson Institute pupils recently took part in a transition workshop with Primary 7 pupils at their former school, Sgoil an Rubha.

Craig (S3), Isla (S2) and Gabi (S2) took a step back in time to their old primary school and were greeted enthusiastically by Primary 7 and school staff.

The workshop was an informal Q&A session where the younger pupils were able to ask about their move into secondary school after the summer. Having The Nicolson pupils along gave a realistic insight into day-to-day life at the school and they answered lots of questions which the P7s had - from what to do if they got lost to how to buy lunch (and plenty of other queries in between!) The three Nicolson pupils handled the questions in a mature and sensible manner and their positive experiences at The NI came across.

At the end of the afternoon, Primary 7 agreed that it had been really worthwhile to have the older pupils visit as they felt they could ask them about their experiences of secondary school.

One pupil said, “I found the question and answer session really good, it answered lots of my questions and made me feel a lot more confident.” Another Primary 7 added: “It was very helpful and it was good to see Craig, Isla and Gabi again.” 

The Q&A session was part of a programme of P7 transition work developed between Community Learning and Development staff and Sgoil an Rubha as part of the school’s transition activities. The CLD programme also included a fun day for P7 pupils from various Lewis schools at The Nicolson Institute over the Easter holidays, giving pupils an opportunity to explore the building when it was empty of older pupils!