Commemorative Iolaire Tweed

Harris Tweed Hebrides, based in Shawbost, is commemorating the centenary of the loss of the Iolaire with the production of a special tweed in partnership with the Iolaire Working Group.

The tweed was designed by Maggie Smith and woven by Derek Macleod and Calum Iain Macleod.

Cllr Norman A MacDonald, Chairman of the Iolaire Working Group, said: “We are very pleased to see this project, which has been in the pipeline since the beginning of the year, coming to fruition. We would like to thank Harris Tweed Hebrides for working with us on this official Iolaire tweed to commemorate the centenary of the tragedy. The tweed will not be available to purchase, but we will be using it exclusively for the civic event on Monday 31st of December when our community will come together to remember those who were affected by the disaster.”

The colours and patterns in the tweed were chosen as follows:

Blues - to represent the uniforms and the dark sky

Greens -  to represent the surge of the waves

Silver/Grey - to represent the sea breaking on the rocks

Red - to represent the embroidered insignia

Subtle shadow check - to represent the rise and fall of the sea

Harris Tweed is an important part of the economy of the Outer Hebrides. In order to receive the stamp of the Harris Tweed Authority the cloth must be made from wool that has been dyed and spun in the Outer Hebrides, handwoven by islanders on the croft and meet strict quality standards.