Comhairle Responds to HIAL Parking Charges

Chairman of Transportation and Infrastructure, Cllr Uisdean Robertson, said: "The Comhairle is aware that there has been a huge increase in the number of parked cars at Stornoway Airport and recognises the need for something to be done to mitigate the situation. However a flat rate three pounds per day, irrespective of whether you're parked for two hours or 24, seems a high charge.

The 1 hour drop off/pick up zone is to be welcomed, as is the exemption for those accessing healthcare, but I think the overall scheme could be improved so as to be fairer to the travelling public.

Perhaps a period of consultation would have assisted with this. Whilst we have an initiative like the ADS to encourage people to use Air Services it seems the thinking is not entirely joined up when it comes to charging. I will be seeking discussions with our MSP and HIAL at an early stage. "