Moonhackathon and Apollo 11 VR at Stornoway Library

On Friday 20th July, Stornoway Library is going to host a Moonhackathon for the very first time. 

A Moonhack is an annual celebration of coding which aims to get parents, the community, and most importantly, children, enthusiastic about coding.  Moonhack originated in Australia, and last year 28,575 children from all around the world participated in the free event.

Moonhack 2018 will be even bigger and aims to set a world record to get the most children coding in one day!   And this year children from the Western Isles will also get a chance to participate to help set that world record.

The Moonhackathon is part of the library Code Club and will take place in The Space @ Stornoway Library on Friday 20th July, from 10.30am until 12 noon. Due to popular demand; a second Moonhack has been scheduled for 3 to 4.30pm. The special Code Club sessions would be prefect for children who may be completely new to coding, as well as more experienced coders.

The date is particularly meaningful as the day also commemorates the Apollo 11 moon landing. Mission commander Neil Armstrong and pilot Buzz Aldrin, landed the lunar module, Eagle, on the 20th July 1969.

Keen Code Club members at the library.

As well as the Moonhackathon, people will also have the opportunity to experience the Apollo 11 moon landing themselves – via virtual reality!  The Apollo 11 VR experience takes about an hour (booking recommended!) and gives a fantastic impression of how it must feel to travel through space and walk on the moon.

Anyone interested in attending the Moonhackathon (for 7 to 11 years) or the Apollo 11 VR Experience (12 years & over) can contact the library at 01851 822744 /