Comhairle Calls on British Gas

Comhairle calls on British Gas to consider fairer tariffs for Stornoway customers.

Councillor Donald Crichton has written to Mark Hodges the Chief Executive of British Gas asking the company to consider more fair and competitive energy prices for Stornoway customers that would give them the cheapest possible deal available to help alleviate the high levels of fuel poverty.  The Chairman of the Sustainable Development Committee said there were a number of areas where the Comhairle would welcome further information and discussion with the company.

In his letter Mr Crichton said: "I would appreciate a breakdown of the Scottish/British Gas tariffs that are currently available to the residents of Stornoway, including the proportion of the estimated 1,200 customers on each of these tariffs.  Given that these customers cannot switch to any provider other than Scottish/British Gas, I would request that you consider whether there are any steps you could proactively take to ensure that Stornoway customers are on the cheapest possible deal available to them.

Furthermore, I would like to hear your views on whether the lack of competition in the local market justifies the introduction of a social gas tariff for Stornoway residents, particularly given the extreme levels of fuel poverty experienced in our community."

Councillor Crichton concluded: "As you will be aware fuel poverty is endemic in the Outer Hebrides and we are seeking engagement with all fuel providers to explore opportunities to reduce these unacceptably high levels of fuel poverty.  As you will appreciate suppliers, such as Scottish/British Gas have a critical role in ensuring fair and competitive energy prices that will help alleviate high levels of fuel poverty.  To facilitate that aim the Comhairle would be happy to explore working with you on developing a fuel poverty/social tariff for Stornoway."