Defibrillators in all Western Isles Schools

All schools in the Outer Hebrides now have an outdoor defibrillator installed, Members of the Education, Sport and Children’s Services heard yesterday.

At its meeting in June 2016 the Comhairle approved a grant payment to Lucky2BHere, a registered Scottish charity which has placed defibrillators and delivered Emergency Life Support (ELS) training in numerous areas throughout Scotland.

It was also agreed that Lucky2BHere volunteers would deliver Emergency Life Support training at each of these schools. This training was open to all school staff and to pupils from P5 upwards.

Chair of the Education, Sport and Children’s Services Committee, Angus McCormack, said: “This is an important development in providing life-saving equipment and skills in our schools and also within our communities. I am delighted at the progress made on this initiative.”  

All schools now have an outdoor defibrillator installed and Lucky2BHere volunteers have made good progress in delivering training. Only four schools remain to have training provided: Sir E Scott School, Leverhulme Memorial School, Stornoway Primary School and the Nicolson Institute.

To date 874 pupils have received Emergency Life Support Training.

The Committee noted the report which will go to the full Comhairle on 21 June.