Adult Classes

We have a range of fitness classes available during the week here at ISL. These are free for members, £4 for non-member adults and £2 concessions. Classes can be booked under 'class booking' on the app (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), 2 days in advance.


12:10 - Wattbikes
13:00 - Core & More
17:00 - Body Conditioning
18:00 - Wattbikes


12:10 - Wattbikes
13:15 - Healthwalk (running track)
17:00 - Body Blitz


12:10 - Wattbikes
13:00 - Core & More
17:30 - 20/20 Training


07:15 - 20/20 Training
12:10 - Wattbikes
13:00 - Circuits

Body Blitz

Full body workout targeting all areas of the body.


Varied interval training.

Core & More

Strengthening exercises for your abdominals and back with either arm, or leg exercises to finish the workout.

20/20 Training

20 minutes on the Wattbike followed by a 20-minute session on the track.


The Wattbike is a power-based training machine that is unique to individuals' fitness levels. It generates stats that allow you to gauge your fitness levels, recording metrics such as your speed and pedalling technique.