Hebridean Norsemen

Location : Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)
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Exploring the Norse period with archaeological artefacts from across the Outer Hebrides.

How the Norse arrived and settled in the Outer Hebrides is still not fully understood. The shift from raiders to settled communities is complex. Two sites that have been identified as later Norse settlements are Bornich in South Uist and Udal in North Uist.  It is from these two sites that much of our knowledge of Norse settlements is based.  All of these tell us about the new practices, beliefs, technology and art that the Norse brought with them or developed on their arrival.

Museum nan Eilean would like to thank Niall Sharples (Bornish), Beverley Ballin Smith (Udal) for contributing to the text of this exhibition. The material displayed from the Bornish excavations was recovered during excavations sponsored by Historic Scotland and Cardiff University, and were directed by Niall Sharples. The material from Kilphedar was recovered during excavations sponsored by the University of Sheffeld and Historic Scotland, and were directed by Mike Parker Pearson.

The material displayed from the Udal excavations has been part of the Post-Excavation Assessment Project funded by Historic Scotland and Comhairle nan Eilean Siar with Beverley Ballin Smith as Lead Researcher. These objects were awarded to Museum nan Eilean through Treasure Trove and are now part of the Museum nan Eilean collection.

Location : Museum nan Eilean (Uist & Barra)

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