Licensed Taxi and Private Hire Car (Where fitted with Taxi Meter) Fare Structure


It is the duty of a licensing authority to set from time to time the scales for fares and other related charges for the hire of taxis, and to review these scales at intervals not exceeding 18 months, in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. In terms of the Act, before the licensing authority carries out any review, it requires to consult with persons or organisations who appear to be, or be representative of, the operators of taxis operating within their area, and to advertise its intentions with regard to the review giving persons one month to make representations thereon, and further to consider any such representations duly made.

Why We Are Consulting

In terms of the statutory duty detailed above to review fares on a periodic basis, the Chief Executive has carried out the initial consultation required.

In reviewing taxi fares, Members were invited to consider the responses received and determined the level of fares to propose in the public advertisement, which are shown below;

Maximum Fares by Distance and Time:

Tariff 1

  • For the first 1320 yards (3/4 mile) or part thereof - £4.00
  • For each additional 440 yards (1/4 mile) - £0.60
  • For each minute of waiting time or part thereof - £0.45

Tariff 2

  • Surcharge on all rates if hire is between 9pm and 7am from Monday to Thursday - 25%
  • Surcharge on all rates if hire is between 9pm on Friday and 7am on Monday - 25%
  • Surcharge on all rates on public holidays determined by Comhairle nan Eilean Siar - 25%

Tariff 3

  • Surcharge on all rates on hiring 25/26 December and 1/2 January - 50%


  • Cleaning charge (in the event of a passenger fouling the Taxi/private hire car) - £50
  • When carrying 5 or more passengers the normal start off rate will be tariff 2.
  • When carrying 5 or more passengers between midnight and 7am Monday to Thursday, between midnight on Friday and 7am on Monday and public holidays including 25 and 26 December and 1 and 2 January, tariff 3 will apply.
  • A supplementary booking charge of up to £6.50 can be charged to compensate for the cost of the outward journey for hires which commence 3 miles or more away from the taxi or taxi base (whichever is the nearer) and the customer wishes to travel further away.  This charge would only be demanded if the customer is informed of the amount of the charge at the time of booking.

This new consultation is the next step in the process of reviewing the fare structure.

What Happens Next

The Comhairle’s proposal is being advertised formally and any representations received will be reported back and considered by elected members. In the event that no representations are received in relation to the advertised proposal, the Comhairle will set the revised taxi fare structure with an intended effective date of 5 September 2022 or, if representations are received and the matter has to go back to Committee, will authorise a later effective date.

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