The latest consultation outcome...

We Asked, You Said, We Did

Comhairle’s draft Climate Change Strategy

We Asked

We Asked your views on the draft Climate Change Strategy. The consultation invited responses on each of the priorities and general comments on the draft.

You Said

A total of 25 completed responses to the consultation were received. These consisted of 22 responses from individuals and 3 responses from organisations.

Responses were received on each of the priority areas and were wide-ranging in scope. The Comhairle’s commitments, aspirations and progress on Corporate Emissions were generally welcomed by respondents. Respondents generally supported the Comhairle’s ambitions on Waste and Circular Economy. The exploration of a wide range of energy solutions to reduce the cost of energy, reduce fuel poverty and maximise community benefits was also generally supported, although there was some concern regarding the impact of onshore wind. The importance of public transport was stressed by respondents. Strong views were also expressed on Land Use, Land Use Change and Forestry.

Further information on the strategic context, the expected effects of climate change locally and the Comhairle’s strategic approach to land use, tourism and planning was requested.

We Did

Responses were analysed by theme and the draft strategy was revised taking into account constructive feedback received.

A summary of responses received (») in each topic area along with a comment on how the draft Strategy has been amended to incorporate the feedback received, where appropriate. 

The analysis of responses and proposed amendments to the draft Climate Change Strategy were considered by the Policy and Resources Committee on the 21st of September 2022 and the revised Climate Change Strategy was approved.