Strategic Aims

The Outer Hebrides Community Planning Partnership vision is:

‘The creation of a prosperous and healthy community living in a quality environment, with improved transport links and access to good facilities, based on the principle of sustainable development through respect for the natural environment and cultural traditions of the Western Isles.’ (1)

The Community Safety Partnership vision of the Outer Hebrides as ‘a safe place to be ’ (2) supports the overall vision for health and prosperity in the Outer Hebrides. Recently the Community Safety Partnership, following consultation with key agencies, have set ‘alcohol as it affects community safety’, as the priority for the Outer Hebrides Community Safety Partnership from 2005 – 2008. Within this, antisocial behaviour related criminal activities are being targeted, through a comprehensive action plan.

The Antisocial Behaviour Strategy Group, established to take this legislation forward in the Outer Hebrides, represent the key agencies involved. We will continue to ensure that all agencies work together to deal with the root causes antisocial behaviour, and develop our interventions in line with the needs of the community. Our vision is for a community where:

Quality of life is paramount, with consideration, respect and tolerance at the heart of harmony of our community.

To do this we will base our strategy around the principles of:


Prevention is the key to addressing antisocial behaviour and can be achieved through:

  • Education
  • Diversionary activities
  • Property design
  • Deterrents

Early Intervention

This will tackle antisocial behaviour quickly and prevent the escalation of it by:

  • Having effective interventions in place
  • Ensuring a multi-agency response
  • Supporting victims appropriately


Where prevention and early intervention initiatives have not obtained required results, enforcement action will be taken. Such actions may include the following:

  • Application for ASBO’s
  • Tenancy sanctions
  • Enforcement on criminal activity


In order to make effective behaviour changes, we must make all efforts to rehabilitate those engaging in persistent antisocial behaviour. To do this, we will:

  • Engage with voluntary and statutory support services
  • Provide the means for mediation and rehabilitation
  • Ensure the Outer Hebrides has access to services, which meet the needs of the community.


(1) Community Plan for the Western Isles. 2004

(2) Western Isles Community Safety Strategy. 2003 – 06