Monitoring, Reviewing and Reporting

Strategy and Action Plan

The strategy, action plan, and policy and procedures manual, link all the aspects of antisocial behaviour together. They review and detail the extent and nature of the problem locally; and detail how prevention and early intervention when co-ordinated and funded can prevent the escalation of antisocial behaviour within neighbourhoods. These documents also address the complex areas of policy and implementation of the Act. Through data collection, sharing and good partnership working this area of legislation and policy can be rationalised locally and implemented effectively.

Local Policies and Procedures

A policy and procedures manual will be produced separately from the strategy. This will allow the strategy to focus on the vision for tackling antisocial behaviour in the Outer Hebrides.

The policy and procedures manual will be developed in partnership with key agencies and will provide comprehensive detail on the different aspects of the antisocial behaviour Act. This manual will be subject to approval by all the relevant agencies, with the aim of being adopted as a key agency document.

Outcome Agreement

The outcome agreement, written in partnership, detailing the direction for antisocial behaviour in the Outer Hebrides is a key requirement by the Scottish Executive. The agreement, which takes key points from the strategy, details how antisocial behaviour will be tackled, the measures for success, local accountability, and the funding required. To deliver this effectively, commitment from the partner agencies to deliver on the action plan, and a continued requirement to work together to tackle antisocial behaviour is crucial. It is expected to set out:

  • clear measurable and time bound outputs together with milestones;
  • robust baselines for the outcomes and outputs;
  • means of monitoring and assessing progress towards outputs and outcomes;
  • evidence that partners are targeting mainstream resources towards the achievement of the outcomes and outputs collectively, and
  • an assessment of the main risk factors that could impact on the Community Planning Partnerships capability to deliver the outcome agreement.

Framework and Accountability

The accountability framework set out by the Scottish Executive, clearly sets out the data collection required by agencies to ensure that locally, progress is demonstrable. This is challenging, as antisocial behaviour has many manifestations, with wide variety in different areas, most goes unreported, public perception can be very different from actual incidents, and traditionally agencies and departments have not collected data under this heading.

The accountability framework is designed to monitor and evaluate both the National Strategy for tackling antisocial behaviour and the individual strategies prepared and delivered at local authority level. The Executive has designed a raft of indicators to determine whether:

  • Incidents of antisocial behaviour have reduced;
  • People’s perceptions of antisocial behaviour as a problem have reduced;
  • The performance of agencies in tackling antisocial behaviour has improved, and
  • People’s perceptions of the performance of agencies have improved.