Uist Repopulation

Cuidichidh Sinn (We Will Help)

Kareen MacRury, Uist Settlement Officer

If you're moving to the island for the first time, returning home or looking for help to settle long term, please get in touch.

Partners on the Outer Hebrides are working together to ensure the retention and attraction to the islands is a smooth one.

For more information please visit Become an Islander (visitouterhebrides.co.uk) or contact the Uist settlement officer Kareen MacRury

Uist Repopulation Action Zone

The Population Working Group was keen to understand what the community thought about the Uist Repopulation Action Zone Draft Plan (345.5kB) and its priorities.

Consultations took place in Uist in February 2023. Consulting the community and engaging with businesses and stakeholders to gather views and identify how to deliver actions needed to boost migration to Uist of skilled and talented people.

A copy of the report will be made available in April 2023.

Thig dhachaigh

Showcasing events and opportunities, filled with knowledge and stories, supporting relocation, and promoting positive messaging - Uist Beò is connecting residents, returners and visitors to the wonderful things that happen in Uist.

Shining a light on the individuals, businesses and organisations that make our islands a unique place to live, work and visit. Please visit the Uist Beò website to learn more and contact Uist Beò if you have something you’d would like to see featured.