2022/23 Activity

Design Grant

This small to medium grant scheme was launched to support capital projects which were at the preparation and project design stage to enable them to progress to a stage where they are ready to attract capital funding. Support was also available for capacity building through mentoring, improved networking and collaboration.
Applications were received for nine projects of which six were successful and awarded over £146,000 in total.

Rural Community Transport scoping study

The TAS Partnership were commissioned to review community transport services in the Outer Hebrides with the aim of identifying achievable and practical initiatives that can be community-led, controlled or supported.

An online survey was published which received 100+ responses, numerous Teams and phone calls took place with key stakeholders, and in February/March 2023 12 community workshops were held between Barra and Ness to ensure as many people as possible had the opportunity to feed in their thoughts.

Details of the Rural Community Transport review can be found here:

Developing a Youth LAG

The OH CLLD LAG, in line with Scottish Government recommendations, are keen to involve younger people more in local development and decision-making. For this reason, the development of a Youth LAG (YLAG) for young people aged 16-30 was identified as a priority. It is hoped that as well as developing its own projects, the YLAG will provide a forum for the local youth voice.

Additional funding was accessed through a cooperation project fund, enabling the OH CLLD LAG to engage a YLAG Facilitator who was tasked with implementing this strand. Despite severe time constraints, YLAG members were recruited and given the opportunity to join other young people for a YLAG residential in Orkney in February 2023.

The YLAG also administered their own small grant scheme, the YLAG Fund, for which 12 applications were received.

Following LAG procedures, YLAG members scored applications and the 9 successful applicants were awarded around £9,000.

The LAG is committed to continuing their support for the YLAG. If you are interested in getting involved, please email us: ohclld@cne-siar.gov.uk

Reducing Energy and Emissions Grant

This grant scheme provided successful applicants with a grant of up to 75% of the costs associated with installing an Ecomotus Catalytic Hydrogen Fuel and Emission Reduction System (Opens in a new window or downloads a file) in their vehicle or vessel. This innovative technology is credited with significantly reducing CO2 emissions and can reduce fuel usage as well as extend engine life.

The fund proved particularly popular among the local fishing fleet and paid out just over £25,000.

It will take a while for accurate data to become available as the systems settle in and calibration is optimised, however, Ecomotus estimate that both CO2 emissions and fuel usage such reduce by 5-20%. This would mean that this strand would lead to an annual reduction of 25-100 tonnes of CO2 emissions and £8,000-£35,000 in fuel costs for local businesses.

It is hoped that the data, once it becomes available, will encourage others to also invest in this technology.

LAG Capacity Building

Throughout the course of the 2022/23 programme, LAG members and the CLLD Coordinator engaged in a range of activities aimed at developing the LAG’s expertise and future capacity. Among these were visits to a number of communities and projects that engaged with or expressed an interest in the programme, attending the YLAG residential, organising a Poverty Alliance training session, engaging with numerous partner organisations, and participating in a facilitated workshop aimed at reviewing past and current structures and planning for the future.