Broch Gift Shop

An independent Hebridean gift shop diversified its offering after working with Business Gateway.

Kathleen Mackenzie, Broch Gift Shop

Founded in 2021 by Kathleen Mackenzie, V, synonymous with the historic Dun Broch, offers an extensive range of quality souvenirs and handcrafted goods. Following a host of support from Business Gateway’s start-up services, including 1:1 advice and grant funding, Kathleen was able to diversify her offering to cater for the growing number of visitors and tourists travelling to the area.

Tapping into the tourism market, Kathleen built a gift shop located near the ever-popular historical attraction, Dun Carloway Broch, and caters for visitors discovering the ruins of the best-preserved Iron Age Broch in Scotland, a main tourist attraction in the Outer Hebrides.

Situated in this picturesque area, Broch Gift Shop offers locally handcrafted items, inspired by the ruins of the unique Scottish site, steeped in history and local traditions. The small business also offers a range of high-quality products sourced from mainland Scotland.

Business Gateway helped Kathleen develop her business plan with support from a dedicated adviser, who offered guidance on funding options. Business Gateway then supported Kathleen’s application for a grant, and she was subsequently awarded £1,900 through the Outer Hebrides Young Entrepreneurs Scheme (OHYESS), fully funded by Highlands and Islands Enterprise and delivered by Business Gateway. This funding allowed Kathleen to invest in coffee equipment and a drinks vending machine so she could offer customers hot beverages and refreshments.

Kathleen Mackenzie, founder, Broch Gift Shop said: “Knowing how popular the area is, I realised that there wasn’t much to offer in terms of gifts and souvenirs. There is also a small number of establishments that serve hot and cold drinks for visitors passing through.”

“Business Gateway has been incredibly helpful and the 1:1 advisory support and variety of resources available were crucial in growing my business and funding has been hugely beneficial. Broch Gift Shop is open all year round and I am looking forward to welcoming more visitors and tourists.”

Fiona Chisholm, Business Gateway, said: “Kathleen identified an area to develop her business and, by working with Business Gateway, secured an opportunity to expand her offering. We’ll continue to work with Broch Gift Shop as the business continues to thrive and look forward to what is next to come.”

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