Animal Health and Welfare

The Comhairle’s Consumer and Environmental Services is responsible for carrying out the Council’s duties in relation to the Animal Health Act 1981 and other associated legislation in relation to Animal Health and Welfare. This work is carried out by the animal health and welfare inspector. 

Areas of responsibility include:

  • Checking the standards of animal husbandry and animal welfare compliance
  • Checking the proper identification of stock
  • Ensuring compliance with animal movement requirements
  • Checking the adequacy of biosecurity, and cleansing and disinfection measures
  • Checking for evidence of animal disease
  • Animal by-product disposal
  • Stock transportation
  • Visits to premises which are subject to licence conditions such as catteries and kennels, pet shops, and riding establishments..
  • Primary Production Inspections (on behalf of the Food Standards Agency)

Animal Health and Welfare Officers will also provide advice and assistance on Animal Health and Welfare Legislation.