Household Battery Recycling

Batteries run out and you don’t know what to do with them?

Don’t throw them into your refuse bin  -  Please RECYCLE them

Local businesses are now taking part in Battery Take Back schemes which means they provide a service where you can give them your old household batteries for recycling when they have run out.

It is important that you avoid putting your old batteries into the refuse bin as some of these batteries contain chemicals like lead, mercury or cadmium which can leak when buried in the Landfill site causing soil and water pollution, which may also result in health risks towards humans.

If you recycle your batteries, these risks can be avoided and you would also be helping to recover some of the raw materials used for making batteries which can then be used to make new products.

How Can You Help?

  • Try and use the mains where possible, rather than batteries
  • Use rechargeable batteries and a battery charger if the mains is not an option
  • Try and use solar powered or wind up items where possible, e.g radio, torch, wind up radio
  • Recycle your used batteries through a local shop or send them back to manufacturers for recycling or reprocessing where such a scheme is available

Local Businesses With Battery Take Back Scheme

If you would like to dispose of your old batteries for recycling, the following outlets in Lewis and Harris have the facilities for this and would be happy to accept your household batteries:

 Lighting & ElectricalCromwell Street, Stornoway

Local Businesses With Battery Take Back Scheme



Co-Op Macaulay Road, Stornoway
Tesco Shell Street, Stornoway
Lighting & Electrical Cromwell Street, Stornoway
Boots Cromwell Street, Stornoway
Superdrug Cromwell Street, Stornoway


If your business offers a Battery Take Back Scheme throughout the Western Isles which is not mentioned above, please contact the Zero Waste Western Isles Team on 01851 709900 and we will add your details.