Second Adult Rebate

What is Second Adult Rebate?

Second Adult Rebate is help with Council Tax that is paid to people who are responsible for paying Council Tax and who share their home with someone who is on a low income.

Who can claim?

You can claim regardless of if you own your own home or live in rented accommodation. The person who has to pay Council Tax must claim Second Adult Rebate but we will work it out using the income of the adult or adults who share their home. We do not look at the income and savings of the person who pays the Council Tax when working out Second Adult Rebate. This means that even if you are not eligible to claim Council Tax Reduction, for example because you have investments or assets with a value of over £16,000, you can still claim Second Adult Rebate.  You can apply for both Second Adult Rebate and Council Tax Reduction.  If you do this, we will work out both and pay you whichever is the most.  You cannot get both.

Who is a ‘second adult’?

A ‘second adult’ is a person who lives in the home of someone who is responsible for paying Council Tax.  Typical ‘second adults’ are adult sons, daughters and other relatives or friends who live in the house on a non-commercial basis.

There are groups of people who are not ‘second adults’.  If the adult who lives with you is:

  • your husband, wife or partner;
  • under 18; or
  • jointly responsible with you to pay Council Tax;

they are not ‘second adults’ and you will not get Second Adult Rebate.

How to claim

You must fill in a claim form.  Don’t forget that it must be the person who has to pay Council Tax who fills in the form.  You may also wish to use the Second Adult Rebate Form (361.5kB) (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), alternatively Contact Our Office and one will be sent out to you.

How much will I get?

This will depend on the income of the other adult or adults who live with you.
Second Adult Rebate is paid at three different rates.  The rates are 25%, 15% and 7.5% of the Council Tax due on your home.  The rate that you will get, if you qualify, depends on the gross income (before deductions) of the other adult or adults who live with you.

How is it paid?

Your Second Adult Rebate will be transferred to your Council Tax account and your bill will be reduced.  You will not receive any money but you will have less to pay.  However, if you have already paid your Council, Tax you may be entitled to a refund.  This will happen automatically.

Other Help and Advice

For impartial advice on your backdated request you can contact the Citizen's Advice Bureau via the following links: