Annual Report 2017-18

Reporting Period:

start 23/01/2017
end  31/03/2018

Total number of asset transfer requests received: 1

Number agreed: 0
Number refused: 1

Number resulting in: 

a transfer of ownership of land to a community transfer body: 0
a lease of land to such a body: 0
rights in respect of land being conferred on such a body: 0    

Number of appeals under section 85 relating to such requests made to the relevant authority:   

Allowed:  0
Dismissed:  0
Resulted in any part of the decision of the authority being varied or reversed: 0  

In relation to a decision of the relevant authority reviewed under section 86 or 87, the number of such decisions that have been:   

Confirmed:  0
Modified:  0
Substituted by a different decision:  0 

Total Area Transferred (ha):   0