Day Clubs

Social Work Department currently supports a number of Day Clubs throughout the area. With very few exceptions the only direct involvement with the Clubs is at the time of application for annual grant. The Comhairle has approved the following formula for annual grant payment

a) Per Capita Grant = 50p per person (annual attendance)
b) Heating Costs= Half of annual cost up to a maximum of £150
c) Hall Rental = Half of the annual cost up to a maximum of £150
d) Transport = Half of annual cost up to a maximum of £250

To comply with audit requirements a financial statement must be submitted with each annual grant application form.

There is also a start up grant application form for prospective clubs but is very unlikely there will be any new applications in the near future as virtually every community has a day club in or near to their area.

There is also a Comhairle approved formula for start-up grants

a) Under 10 members = £250

b) 11-20 members = £345

c) 21 or more members = £450

The contact names and addresses of all day club office bearers as well as all relevant forms and information are stored in this office.

Annual grant application forms are posted every March and processed on return.