Dun Berisay Care Home

Dun Berisay Care Home

Dun Berisay

Dun Berisay Care Home
Balmerino Drive
Isle of Lewis

Tel.: 01851 822817

Dun Berisay was opened in 1962 and has 33 permanent places.. Personal Care Plans are developed on admission to identify the specifics needs and preferences of the individual and these are reviewed and updated.  Dun Berisay is a registered ‘Care Home’ and, as far as practicable, supports residents until end of life.  In some instances hospital admission is necessary due to the clinical needs of the resident.  There is close multi-disciplinary working with our partners in NHS Western Isles, and personal care and nursing need is shaped around the the resident.

The Care Home is non-denominational and resident’s religious and spiritual needs are respected.

Inspection Report compiled by the Care Inspectorate can be obtained at https://www.careinspectorate.com/ (Opens in a new window or downloads a file), or alternatively please ask Dun Berisay for a copy.  This will provide an objective analysis of the quality of the fabric of the Care Home and the care provided.

We recommend that you contact Dun Berisay direct to arrange a visit.  This will enable you to ask further questions and get a feel for the Care Home.  Our Assessment and Care Management colleagues based in your Local Social Work Office will be able to give you further information regarding the Assessment process, and Eligibility Criteria.