Adult Learning Grants for Community Groups

We currently have a small pot of money available for Adult Learning Grants across all of the islands.

The limit is £250 per application


Applicant must be able to evidence one of the following:

  • An activity / learning session / event that improves the physical or mental health of adult learners
  • An activity / learning session / event that connects adult learners with others in their community
  • An activity / learning session / event that clearly promotes the wide benefits that are achieved through community-based adult learning
  • An activity / learning session / event that involves adults and children in Family Learning activities

Learners’ evaluations of the activity must be completed, and copies submitted, highlighting the benefits to the learners.

A brief report from organisers will be required to show the benefits derived from the funding provided.

Application Deadline

Applications to be submitted by midday on 12th December 2022

Depending on the volume of applications, decisions will be made prior to the Christmas break and groups will be advised.  Money can be claimed once group advised, however payments will not be processed by CnES until January 2023

Event example

Family event where outside activity (walking to the venue?) is organised, a base is available (community hall) with hot soup and sandwiches for lunch.  Games and activities for families organised inside or outside, depending on the weather for the afternoon.  Simple evaluation completed with families.