Visitor Yacht Moorings

2019 Inspection and Maintenance works have not been completed yet. Please do not use the Comhairle visitor moorings until these checks have been carried out.

  • Moorings are inspected annually
  • Maximum vessel size 15 tonnes
  • Pickup buoys attached to all moorings
  • Please ensure that you leave in good order for the next visitor

Comhairle Visitor Moorings

  • Rodel, Harris
    Lat/Long: 57.73667, -6.954
Status of Comhairle Visitor Moorings
Location Status
Rodel Dive Inspection Due:
APRIL 2019

Visitor Yacht Mooring Fees

Fees can be found on the Schedules of Rates and Dues page.

NB: All users of visitor moorings must complete and return the Visitor Yachts Questionnaire to allow for invoicing. Completed questionnaire forms can be submitted electronically by e-Mail to

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