Section 2 - Wharfage on all Goods Landed or Shipped

Wharfage on all Goods Landed or Shipped Fees
Category Per Tonne
Loose Bulk Cargoes (Excluding Solid Fuel) £2.24
Bulk Solid Fuel £1.27
Bulk Liquids (Including Fuels) £2.07
Bagged Bulk Cargoes £3.07
Building Materials £3.07
Steelwork £3.07
Plant and Machinery £3.07
Fish Landings (See Conservancy section B) per £ value £3.28
Fish Exports £3.08
All Foodstuffs £3.08
Farmed Salmon £7.19
Smolts (Per Thousand) £2.86
Bulls Cows Horses  £1.14 (each)
Calves Sheep Lambs Pigs £0.43 (each)
Poultry £0.12 (each)
Live Fish £2.87 (per 1000)
Empty Containers £14.22 (each)
Up to 6.1 metres £14.22(each)
6.1 to 12.2 metres £28.43 (each)
Note: Full containers will be charged according to content  
Gas Cylinders £0.07 (each 10kg)

£18.16(per tonne)

Section 2 - Wharfage Notes

  1. Goods of all description rated by weight will be charged according to gross weight including the weight of the container and packaging.
  2. The Harbour Authority has power to negotiate a composition rate with all regular users of a harbour.
  3. All goods landed or discharged at a harbour and not particularly specified in this Schedule will be liable to rates as determined by the Harbour Authority.
  4. The rates for all types of fish including shellfish etc. brought into the harbour to be levied direct from -
    1. The boat owner(s); or
    2. The fish salesmen; or
    3. The auctioneers who dispose of such fish; or
    4. The person purchasing or receiving delivery of same (other than the carriers)
  5. In the case of (b), (c) or (d) above, the amount of fish rate may be deducted from the price at which such fish were sold or purchased and the fish salesmen, auctioneers, or the person purchasing or receiving delivery of such fish will when required be respectively bound to furnish to Comhairle nan Eilean Siar or their collector of rates a true amount under their hands of such fish and verify the same.
    1. Should such information be refused or a false statement/account be given this would constitute an offence.
  6. The harbour dues listed under this section are VAT zero rated.

All additional costs associated with an explosives charter entering Lochmaddy will be charged in addition to the wharfage charge.